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03 April 2018 @ 05:48 pm
                                                            Hello guys~ It`s me, Ruka ^_^

Because I had some problems with some people, I decided to f-lock my livejournal. So if you want to be friends with me, comment here. Tell me some things about you and we will be friends.

I am a KAT-TUN 6人 as well as 5人 fan and an AKAME hardcore fan. I support KAT-TUN and Jin Akanishi with all my might and heart! Be aware, fool with any of them, and you will suffer the consequences.

This lj will be full with my AKAME delusional mind, KAT-TUN entries, fanfics, as well as my personal life.
This LJ will be with only my personal life, KAT-TUN rambling and other stuff. For my fanfics, please join my community zutto_care ^_^
From now on, yoroshiku!

I belive in our KIZUNA so take CARE of everything. KEEP THE FAITH until these PEACEFUL DAYS will come with an WILL BE ALL RIGHT besides them. RIGHT NOW we are GOING to take that N.M.P away from YOU. In 7 DAYS BATTLE we will RESCUE you and protect that ONE DROP. DON`T U EVER STOP even if SHE SAID there`s a TABOO. Your LIPS will always be saved even if we FIGHT ALL NIGHT. If we FALL DOWN in that WATER DANCE there will be a SMILE on our faces. We`ll wait till that WHITE X-MAS will come but there will be no CRAZY LOVE cause we`ll JUMPIN` UP to the MOON. ALL OR NOTHING, NOW OR NEVER we`ll be by YOUR SIDE and NO MATTER MATTER that SADISTIC LOVE will not disappear. Our HEART BEAT could be heard until that LOVE IN SNOW will FREEZE it. We still WONDER if our PRECIOUS ONE will come in that 12 O`CLOCK. A PAGE is written sadly after we saw that FILM that says about BOKURA NO MACHI DE. ONE ON ONE the truth is that OUR STORY will reveal our REAL FACE.
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Music is my Life: Eminem - Lose yourself
22 March 2014 @ 07:31 pm
Hello world~

Is been a damn while, again~ hehe! How have you been? Recently, I'm into One Piece and waiting for my birthday~ :D

KAT-TUN, thank you for these 8 wonderful years! Even if you lost 2 members, I will support you, and the other 2 until the end! You are the only people who can make me smile when I'm crying, or cry when I'm smiling. You are precious to me, and I really hope you will continue as 4, and never backdown!
KAT-TUN, I will be a hyphen forever!

So, for this anniverssary, I tried to make some icons, is my first time doing it, so, hope you will like it :D

Here for the icons~Collapse )
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You wanna know where am I?: Bucharest
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Music is my Life: KAT-TUN - Real face
10 October 2013 @ 08:30 pm
Because yesterday I couldn't utter a single thing, I want to express now ALL my feelings!
I was DAMN shocked, I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't do a single thing, I just stayed motionless in front of my computer, talking with ktf_kattun over the phone, and just couldn't believe something like this! All I said was just: NO NO NO WAY! I can't believe something like this, I can't accept something like this! First Jin, now Koki! No way, just NO WAY!
And the shock and sadness and pain turned in anger and frustration... No way! I can't accept something like this! Koki.. just NO! How can I listen to KAT-TUN now?! I LOVE THEM!!! I want them back! Together!
Koki's rap was unique, just like Maru's beatbox! How can destroy this?!
Of course I will support the remaining member just.. this will not be KAT-TUN anymore. I am damn scared, afraid for them! I want, I NEED my boys back together! 8 years being their fan! 5 years with Jin, 8 with Koki, and they want ME to accept KAT-TUN as 4?! No way, just no fuckin' way! It hurts me, it pains me, and I can't accept something like this! I need KAT-TUN.. Am I asking for the impossible?! I don't want to think like this....
I'm feeling just like when they lost Jin... this is another nightmare! This can't be happening! And because I can't accept something like this, I did this little thing to JE.

Dear Johnny's Entertainment,
I would like to say a big FUCK YOU, because you managed to destroy something that was very dear and important to me! I still can't believe how FUCKED UP this situation is! Do YOU even imagine what have you done?!?! Do YOU have a fuckin' single idea what stupid thing you did?! FOR WHAT?! Because you wanted to get rid of the ones that carred THE MOST about this band?! Well, FUCK YOU, you did it!!!!
First, YOU take Jin away from them, because you wanted to destroy them, and wanted Jin to fail?! YOU failed sir! Because Jin succeded! And KAT-TUN, even if they took a great fall, they managed to get up, and shine! AND what now?! YOU destroyed them!!!!
How can YOU take away from them the most beautiful voice, and send it to America?! How could YOU take away the most awesome rapper JE have EVER seen in this fuckin' life!!! Johnny, YOU are getting ridiculous!!! How can YOU get up in the morning?! You fuckin' bastard!!!!
Jin, I will support you ALL my life, and hope you already know that.
Koki, I will always be a hyphen and follow you! Because you are my LORD, you are OUR JOKER, and no one will take that away from you/us!
KAT-TUN, please, just please, get away from this fucked up 'company', take Jin and Koki with you, and reunite KAT-TUN. Because KAT-TUN is a 6 people band!
With love,
You wanna know where am I?: Romania, Bucharest
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08 April 2013 @ 09:08 pm
Hello guys~

Is been a while again~ How are you? I miss you all so much! :(

Tam tam tam~Collapse )
With love,
You wanna know where am I?: Romania, Bucharest
This is how I`m feeling now: accomplishedaccomplished
Music is my Life: KAT-TUN - Face to face